Case Study

720% increase in qualified DSP candidates

A look into how the HWapps Digital Recruitment Campaign helped Able2 achieve a 720% increase in number of qualified DSP candidates over the period of a month.

The Challenge

Like many organizations across the country, Able2 was struggling to engage with qualified DSP candidates. DSPs are currently one of the most in-demand healthcare positions, and unfortunately one of the hardest to fill.

The Solution

Through the HWapps Digital Recruitment Campaign using a definitive strategy and key messaging, Able2 saw an .impact and increase in qualified DSP candidates
people within Able2’s service area reached
20 K
increase in qualified DSP candidates after just one week
300 %
Average cost per recruitment lead
$ 0

The Client

Located in Elmira, New York, Able2 believe that people with disabilities are powerful contributors to the community, and that all true support is rooted in person-centered practice. They believe the power of potential is realized through partnerships between those they serve, those they employ, and the community in which they reside. They believe such partnerships should be formed with a commitment to ethical, responsive, and high-quality support for individuals with disabilities.


Mission is to enhance the quality of life of those they serve.


Elmira, New York

Project Overview

HWapps met with Able2 and discovered their concern about the lack of qualified DSP candidates applying for the job. Through Facebook Ads to capture the attention of the target audience, HWapps created a strategic plan to inspire qualified candidates to click and learn more about the position. This, in turn, led them to complete an employment screener form. As part of the campaign, HWapps created graphics, images, inspiring messages and stories, a DSP recruitment landing page, a screener form, and a recruitment video for Able2.

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