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Revolutionizingd the onboarding and compliance experience

Transforming the employee onboarding experience.

New York City Health + Hospitals (H+H) is the largest public healthcare system in the country with more than 65,000+ healthcare employees practicing across numerous facilities. With HWapps, H+H revolutionized their onboarding and compliance experience for thousands of employees, and saved $100,000.00s.


  • Digital Engagement Strategy  
  • HWapps Digital Workforce Experience Platform 
  • Mass one-click automatic enrollment 
  • Multi-device access, any time 
  • Expert, personalized support services

The Need

A poor experience caused by poor technology. Their existing system was outdated, burdensome, and could not gear employees quickly enough to begin practicing. 

With no premium placed on user experience or advanced training solutions, frustrated employees were waiting weeks to gain clinical access or re-certify. 

 As H+H’s workforce grew, out-dated processes were a roadblock to transformation. As Millennials flooded the scene, the process was struggling to keep employees happy, engaged, and quickly prepared to see patients.

By investing in the experience of its employees, H+H not only saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by allowing earlier clinical access, but adopted a key retention strategy that will pay dividends for years to come.

The Solution

H+H needed a new tool that could take on the burden of not just gearing up their workforce for practice quicker, but create a more engaging experience tailored to the qualities and preferences of their new workforce. With more employees wanting to be engaged on the go, HWapps’ digital training tool was a perfect fit that allowed more than 6,000 employees to onboard days or even weeks sooner than they could have before. They were able to do this on the devices they prefer – from anywhere, and at anytime, by completing optimally designed trainings and activities they were automatically enrolled in. At each step of the process, employees were personally engaged by HWapps through tailored messaging and communication.

The numbers

For two years, HWapps has provided thousands of employee onboardings and certifications for H+H employees with remarkable success. Bypassing headaches, hurdles, and labor-intensive steps, employer and employee both win.

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