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Nurturing direct care workers through engaging experiences.

A workforce engagement platform to bring everyone together.

Ladders to Value (LTV) is the unequivocal leader of the workforce investment program which seeks to develop the direct care workforce in New York State. By leveraging HWapps’ digital workforce experience platform to manage career development and engage employees, training vendors, and employers across its network in meaningful ways, LTV is keeping up with changing characteristics, preferences, and interests of the increasingly-millennial workforce.   

Services & Key Features

  • Digital engagement strategy  
  • HWapps Digital Workforce Experience Platform 
  • Engagement dashboards for different audiences
  • Multi-device access, any time
  • Advanced data tracking and reporting tool
  • Outreach and engagement consulting 
  • Piloting and focus groups
  • Workforce tracking and reporting tools

The Need

Home Health and Nursing careers are experiencing record shortages that LTV is attempting to address through this workforce investment program. Recruitment, retention, and career development of the future workforce into a system stuck in its “old ways” would be a major undertaking, if not impossible.  This would be especially challenging if employee and employer engagements and experiences were not overhauled, measured, and evaluated.

The Solution

HWapps Digital Workforce Experience Platform is implemented and customized for LTV to build awareness of the value, benefits, and impact of everything LTV has to offer with their trainings, career development, and redeployment opportunities. With custom-designed experiences for employers, employees, and individuals interested in a Home Health or Nursing career, LTV’s HWapps platform is a one-stop shop for engagement. 

Impact & Outcomes

While employees and their employees work to advance careers by participating in trainings, enhancing skills, and redeploying (all seamlessly integrated into a customized user-experience), LTV tracks, manages, and provides value-adding engagement that incentivizes and maximizes buy-in. 

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