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Advancing workforce transformation through digital experiences

Large-scale learning and engagement platform.

OneCity Health PPS (OCH) is a large provider system advancing workforce transformation in New York City across its network of over 250 healthcare organizations and 150,000+ employees. For this undertaking, OCH leveraged HWapps to impact an their workforce through meaningful engagements and experiences as they participated in hundreds of trainings, certifications, or professional development opportunities. 


  • Digital Engagement Strategy  
  • HWapps Digital Workforce Experience Platform 
  • Digital Content and Media Services 
  • Pilot with 92% success
  • Multi-device access, any time
  • Advanced data tracking and reporting tool

The Need

Due to the size of the network and the existing culture of manual forms, paperwork, and in-person trainings, organizations and employees were not bought-in to working with OCH around the ambitious new workforce transformation initiative. 

OCH understood that the timing was right for a revolutionary change in the way it engaged its network and their employees for any meaningful impact to occur.

The Solution

Working closely as a partner, consultant, expert, and vendor, HWNY actualized and implemented OCH’s need for a robust platform capable of successfully transforming their workforce. Through discovery, planning, design, and implementation of digital learning solutions, advanced reporting interfaces, and – most importantly –  user-focused experience, HWapps was piloted, launched, and saw immediate adoption owed largely to the success of a successful outreach and communication plan designed by HWNY. 

As a technology solution, HWapps was optimized around employee experience and designed to both engage and encourage employees to return. Thousands of employees participating in hundreds of trainings, professional development opportunities, and certifications continue to grow their careers out of their personalized user dashboards that keep them engaged and on track. Smart messaging and communication from the system is designed to intuitively target learners and employees, and simplistic user-experience gets rid of headaches or unnecessary steps.

Impact & Outcomes

For organizational admin, paper forms, processes, and manual in-person training management are a thing of the past. Through HWapps, all processes are digitally automated to allow admin to focus more on advancing mission-aligned initiatives and save thousands of dollars in resources.

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