Case Study

NYSARH – Digital Suport Services

Helping a non-profit membership based organization streamline membership management and add mission-driven value

The Challenge

Remotely managing and growing membership, planning and engaging in education and advocacy events, raising rural health awareness, and sharing resources.

The Solution

Digital and technological support including website management, automated membership management and renewal process, and development of a Board Member portal.
membership growth
300 %
educational webinars
website visits per year

The Client

The New York State Association for Rural Health (NYSARH) is a non-profit, membership-based organization based in New York State whose mission it is to improve the health and well-being of rural New Yorkers and their communities.

NYSARH functions as the “voice for rural health.” It is a statewide organization advocating for the health of rural New Yorkers. NYSARH advocates at the national and state levels on behalf of its membership.

The mission of the New York State Association of Rural Health (NYSARH) is to improve the health and well-being of rural New Yorkers and their communities.

New York State

Project Overview

The New York State Association for Rural Health (NYSARH) is a non-profit membership-based organization that functions as “the voice of rural health” across New York State. As an organization engaged in such Mission-critical work improiving the health and wellbeing of rural New Yorkers and their communities, most of its staff time is dedicated to managing and growing membership, planning and engaging in advocacy, and raising rural health awareness and sharing resources. What it lacked was a technology partner to help support its operations and organizational growth. In order to continue to advocate and support the cause of improving access to rural health across the State, NYSARH needed a cutting-edge website, digital and social media presence, the capacity to reach, engage, recruit, and communicate through digital spheres, deliver webinars, and more.

HWNY has partnered with NYSARH since 2015 in many capacities, most recently as its digital and technological support partner. HWNY supports NYSARH’s website and digital marketing growth, its automated membership management and renewal process, payment collection processes, Board Member portal space, and various other operations such as its monthly Rural Webinar Series, where vital event management and technology support is provided.

By providing these services, HWNY allows NYSARH’s star team to focus on its most Mission-critical work and not on ongoing digital or technological operations. HWNY has helped support more than 20 educational webinars, reaching over 1,000 participants in over 20 states, support and grow memberships by over 700%, maintain a mobile-optimized website, and manage ongoing digital and technological operations needed for continued success.


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