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We help save time and money by optimizing and streamlining program and grant management, tracking, and reporting.
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Providing digital expertise, tools, and services

Digital Foundation

We help you set up the basics to ensure you are easily found and accessible to people looking for solutions you offer.

We help modernize and simplify websites by providing a clean, optimized user experience for your audience. Whether you are looking to raise awareness, promote your services or programs, recruit talent to fill high-needs positions, or simply build your brand in your community, the goal is to put your website to work captivating and motivating your audience into action. 

HWapps websites are designed to be more affordable than competing options. Built on the open-source technology WordPress, HWapps websites are set up to allow easy editing and management for even our least tech-savvy clients.

When people are looking for something, they Google it.

We can help ensure your Google My Business listing is up-to-date and has relevant content, including images, videos, virtual tours, reviews, and links to services and career opportunities. This will help Google guide people looking for the services and careers you offer to your business first. Google will reward businesses with more content due to relevancy and value.

We can help you implement basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices to your website for Google to recognize your business, services, and career opportunities for better ranking in search engines.

Keywords for your industry and those used by competition should be identified and strategically incorporated in your website content.

Digitize & Streamline

It’s time to optimize your business. We help organizations buy back precious time and resources by digitizing, automating, and streamlining your operations, programs, trainings, and services.

Training and development can be major headaches, and enterprise software is extremely expensive and rigid. HWapps learning solutions are affordable, customizable, and flexible to adapt around your changing needs. Our solutions are designed directly within and for the world of healthcare, and they are wrapped with layers of direct human support services to help you along the way.

Bring your facility, organization, department, or office directly to your audience via interactive virtual tours. From the comfort of their smartphones, tablets, or computers, let your community explore, interact, and navigate through the halls of your business, granting them access to learn and acclimate in ways never before available.

Get a hassle-free online compliance training and LMS solution to ensure your organization and employees are compliant each year.

We offer seventeen healthcare compliance training modules prepared by subject-matter experts, kept up-to-date with industry regulations and on-the-job best practices, and optimized for learning on any device for accessibility.

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Ever wondered what it would be like if your business or organization had its own app? Have you dreamed of the ability to give your employees an organization app where they could engage, communicate, submit time-off requests, fill out forms and surveys, and more? HWapps is your technology partner to explore the reality of building you an app, designed around your needs and within your budget.

Workflows are automated sequences of interactions and engagements (text messages, emails, or chatbots on your website) that help engage, nurture, and facilitate the needs of your business and the needs of your audience. Whether you’re engaging a candidate through the hiring process, helping connect a member of the community with one of your services, communicating with your employees to remind them of upcoming in-service training deadlines, or simply answering questions about your business hours, automated workflows set you up with your business’ personal assistant that will help you buy back important time and resources.

Reach & Inspire

We run social media, email/SMS, and retargeting campaigns proven to motivate your target audience to action.

A modern and agile recruitment tool designed to 1) optimize time-consuming HR/Hiring Manager tasks and communications, 2) enhance marketing efforts to help attract quality talent, and 3) more easily engage candidates through the hiring process to ensure they do not slip through the cracks. 

We make the application process simple. Our tools grant HR/Hiring managers the ability to post job openings that will be searchable with customizable sort and filter categories. Each job posting can be assigned a customizable application form with the ability to set certain fields to be required or only display based on conditional logic. Multiple forms can be created providing flexibility with what information is necessary for candidates to provide when applying for different roles.

Front-loading the recruitment process with a lengthy application form is turning talent away. Instead, we help you lower the barrier and open the door for more qualified candidates to learn about your opportunities and openings, be captivated and inspired, and express interest by submitting a brief pre-qualification or interest form that gently brings them into the application process, all from a well-designed high-converting landing page.

We strategize, develop, and launch targeted digital recruitment campaigns to reach ideal candidates, gain their attention with captivating messaging, and motivate them to act. Each campaign will focus on one high-need career and use research-driven best practices to ensure a return investment with vacancies filled. 

Digital recruitment campaigns are launched as either Facebook & Instagram campaigns, Email & SMS Text Messaging campaigns, or a combination of the both (depending on the best strategy for reaching your audience).

We strategize, develop, and launch targeted digital recruitment campaigns to reach ideal candidates, gain their attention with captivating messaging, and motivate them to act. Each campaign will focus on one high-need career and use research-driven best practices to ensure a return investment with vacancies filled. 

Digital recruitment campaigns are launched as either Facebook & Instagram campaigns, Email & SMS Text Messaging campaigns, or a combination of the both (depending on the best strategy for reaching your audience).

Whether your goal is to speak to and inspire your audience on your recruitment platform, through your recruitment campaigns on social media, email, or SMS text messaging, HWapps provides top-tier in-house video production spanning messaging and content strategy formation, the storyboarding process, pre-production, filming, editing, post-production, and marketing and release processes.

Nurture & Engage

We provide tools and services designed to help nurture people who might otherwise slip through the cracks during the hiring process. Instead, they become your biggest advocates and most excited potential employees.

Easily communicate with your candidates via their preferred method of communication. All messages sent to and from the system will be kept on the candidate’s profile for future reference.

When recruiting, this tool can also be used to bulk message past job candidates about future career opportunities that they should consider re-applying for.

This timesaving tool allows tedious actions like scheduling and coordinating interviews to be fully automated with a click of button. This feature is integrated into the Job Board’s job listings to allow for information to be automatically shared with candidates, and interviews to be automatically coordinated and scheduled. After candidates have chosen one of the automatically offered interview openings, a confirmation and reminder messages will be sent to them one day and two hours prior to the interview with welcoming and instructional information. HWNY will work with organizations during planning and set-up phases to tailor this workflow to specific needs.

Another timesaving tool designed to allow HR and Hiring Manager roles to trigger an action quickly and effortlessly by simply clicking on a link in a received email, as opposed to needing to log into a platform or tool to manually check for updates and take action.

Interview scheduling and calendar management for HR and Hiring Managers to set available dates/times for candidates to easily select the date/time that works best for them.  

Enhance employee engagement with an internal online tool that provides 24/7 access to information, resources, guides, key contacts, internal career opportunities, company-wide news, and instant updates from the palm of your employee’s hand. In return, organizations can expect to increase employee satisfaction and have better retention outcomes.

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A Method for Essential Community Engagement

Within 48 hours from launch, the platform had over 2,500 visits and 117 responses to the needs posted: 40 responses to provide staffing assistance, 11 responses to supply PPE/materials, 44 responses to supply food, and 22 responses to provide volunteer services. It has been an overwhelming success.

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Nurturing and Engaging Recruitment Strategy

In a time when hiring healthcare workers has never been more vital, simply boosting the number of candidates is not enough. To truly grow and set up a workforce for success, healthcare organizations like Crouse Community Center are revolutionizing how they treat, nurture, and support new candidates.

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Virtual Learning: Re-emerged

Written by Kris Merchant and Christen Aldrich The impact of COVID-19 on our present situation has been described in abounding ways: disruptive, burdensome, never before

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Increase in DSP applications with HWapps recruitment campaigns


Career seekers introduced to health careers with HWapps career exploration tools


Health Professionals trained, tracked, and reported with HWapps LMS


Locals in a rural community reached with only $300 ad spend through HWapps engagement campaigns


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Using HWapps LMS to rapidly deploy critical content within tight time frames, saves time, money, and ultimately lives.

Carlos Martinez, Assistant Director Workforce and Development

NYC Health + Hospitals

During our COVID outbreak, HWNY was a lifeline we needed to fill critical workforce and resource needs.

Steve Knight, CEO

United Helpers

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